About Us

Publishers: Robert Bowman, John Zucco

Editor-in-Chief: John Zucco

App Developers: John Cannon, Matthew Baker

Artists: Menda Tsolmon, Jack Hatty

Plus a variety of other contributing artists and talent from around the world.

A Little History

The thoughts and ideas for starting Mellow Gears Publishing first sparked up with the release of the iPad in April 2010. We bought several of the devices to try out and learn by for possible inclusion and use in our core web platform development business. After a few weeks of late night sessions vegging out in the App StoreSM, we quickly realized that the iPad, and other tablet devices like it, was going to usher in a new era of how we consume information and media. We saw it as a game-changer.

With several of us having software development careers stretching back 18 or so years, which included the early days of publishing software titles on disks, the release of the iPad was a nice eye-opener for us. With the iPad’s light weight design, long battery life, large high-quality screen, and an easy-to-access App Store for customers, we felt the time was right to crank the Publishing shop back up again. And so, the ride begins again…